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Front: Bob Anderson, Eva Matlack, Diane Tilley. Back: Bob Gojanovich, Danny Medina, Patty Burd, Judy Hawkins, Jim Hauck.

Year after year NJ-NENA has offered a First Class Conference, bringing the best that the 9‑1‑1 industry has to offer in speakers and vendors. This year will be no different.

In the beginning the conferences were small with the Conference Committee consisting of the Executive Board. As the conferences grew so did the need for more meetings and more volunteers to help. These volunteers do everything from running the registration desk, to photography, to working with the vendors and the attendees to meet their needs during their time spent with us.

We are pleased to once again have a large contingency of volunteers for our conference. They include everyone from past officers, members, and spouses of our members. Please click on their names on the the links to the upper right to read about them. Be sure to thank them for their hard work to help make the conference such a success!

This year photography will again be provided by IMAGES by Diane Tilley.

Bob Gojanovich


Bob Gojanovich has over 37 years experience in telecommunications, including 19 years specializing in Public Safety communications. As part of his 31-year career with Verizon, Bob successfully managed the New Jersey Enhanced 9‑1‑1 Network, a statewide system serving over 300 Public Safety Answering Points, 30 telephone companies, seven wireless carriers and nine million people, from its inception in 1989 through 2003.

After retiring from Verizon, Bob spent 2½ years with the consulting firm iXP Corporation, where he led the team that developed the technical specifications for New York City’s next E9‑1‑1 network. This effort included responsibility for network-based call distribution, intelligent workstations and recording systems, plus one-of-a-kind interfaces to unique emergency reporting systems employed in the City. Bob also led iXP’s wireless 9‑1‑1 accuracy testing efforts.

Bob was NJ-NENA's first Commercial Vice President, serving from 1994 until 2006. He served as a Technical Advisor and conference volunteer to NJ-NENA until he was elected as the Private Sector VP in 2010. However shortly after the election Bob had to step down due to taking a position as Sales Director for TeleCommunications Systems. He will remain a volunteer and Technical Advisor.

Bob has been actively involved in the development of 9‑1‑1 technical standards at the national level since 1993. He was Chair of the Network Committee for the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) for 10 years and remains an advisor to NENA’s Technical Lead Team. He served on the NENA Strategic Wireline/Wireless Action Team (SWAT) and the ATIS Emergency Services Interconnection Forum (ESIF) from its original creation in 1996 (as the Wireless E9‑1‑1 Implementation Ad Hoc - WEIAD) until 2005.

In 2003 Bob won the 2003 William E. Stanton Award, which is bestowed upon an individual who not only excelled in his or her everyday job but who has gone above and beyond to further the goals of the National Emergency Number Association (NENA). The Award, which debuted in 1999 at the NENA Annual Conference, is named for the first recipient and long-time executive director of NENA. The William E. Stanton Award is a Lifetime Achievement award and replaces the previous NENA 9‑1‑1 Service Awards.

Robert K. Gojanovich, ENP
Sales Director, Next Generation 9‑1‑1
TCS - TeleCommunications Systems
Summit, NJ 07902

Phone: (610) 438-4061
E-mail: E-mail: bgojanovich@telecommsys.com

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Bonnie Hueg


Bonnie has over 35 years of Pubic Safety Communications experience. After 18 years of service with the Plainfield Police Communications Department, where she served as Communications Manager and 9‑1‑1 Coordinator, Bonnie joined OETS in 1992. She is a charter member of NJ NENA and has been ENP certified since the inception of that program. She also serves on NENA's Operations Development Committee.

Bonnie is a chapter Past-President and has served on the executive board in the Vice-President positions, served as Treasurer and most recently as Chapter Secretary. Bonnie is an invaluable resource to NJ-NENA.

Bonnie Hueg
Email: bonniejhueg@msn.com

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Eva Matlack

Eva became a conference volunteer for the 2013 conference. She is a telecommunicator for Burlington County Communications.

Danny Medina

Danny Medina's career in public safety began almost 20 years ago, when he first served as a volunteer firefighter and company secretary with the Avenel Fire Company No. 1 in Avenel, NJ. An opportunity arose in 1999 for Danny to work for the State of New Jersey as a Project Manager for Y2K contingency planning. He later was approached in 2000 with another opportunity to continue working for the State within the Office of Emergency Telecommunications Services (OETS). While there, he eventually became a Coordinator of Emergency Telecommunications Systems recertifying 9‑1‑1 emergency medical dispatchers and working closely with over 25 telephone carriers interconnected into the State-wide 9‑1‑1 system.

Danny has been a part of NJ NENA since 2001 and currently volunteers at the Applegarth Volunteer Engine Company No. 1 in Monroe Township, NJ, Middlesex County. He has held the position of President for the past four years and still remains an active firefighter in his community.

Dennis L. Snyder

Dennis Snyder began his career in public safety almost 19 years ago, where he served with the Essex County Sheriff's Office as a Deputy. Soon after, he joined the Hopatcong Police multi-agency dispatch center. In 2008, he started with the Sussex County Sheriff's Office in the communications division, coordinating training and working as a NJ/County communications tech.

Currently, Dennis is a 911 Systems Operation Coordinator with Morris County Communications. Along with his day to day responsibilities for the communications center, he is also an instructor at the Morris County Police Academy for Basic 911 Telecommunications and EMD.

Prior to his career in public safety Dennis served in the private sector for 18 years with International Papers northeast region leveling as a VP of Operations.

Dennis L. Snyder
911 System Operations Coordinator
County of Morris - Communications Division
Department of Law and Public Safety
P.O. Box 900
Morristown, New Jersey 07963-0900

Phone: 973-285-2900
E-mail: dsnyder@co.morris.nj.us

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Diane Tilley

Diane is a professional photographer and has been a volunteer, serving as NJ-NENA's conference photographer many years. We love her work and you can enjoy it by clicking the Galleries menu.

Diane Tilley
E-mail: ddt075@aol.com

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Gareth Williams


Gareth has over 30 years experience in Public Safety. He currently serves as Communications Director for the Union County Police.

Gareth began his career in communications as one of the original dispatchers with the now defunct Atlantic Ambulance CenCom. He eventually was promoted to Communications Coordinator.

Gareth has also been a NJ State Certified Paramedic since 1983, serves as the Union County OEM EMS Coordinator and serves on several state communication and EMS committees.

A member of NENA since 1995, he held the position of Central Region Vice President for 7 years until moving up to 2nd Vice President in 2007 and 1st Vice President in 2011. He served as chapter president 2012 - 2013.

Gareth L. Williams
Union County Police Communications
300 North Avenue East
Westfield, NJ 07090

Phone: (908) 654-9800
E-mail: gwilliams@ucnj.org

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