Year after year New Jersey NENA has offered a First Class Conference, bringing the best that the 9‑1‑1 industry has to offer in speakers and vendors.

In the beginning the conferences were small, with the Conference Committee consisting of the Executive Board. As the conferences grew so did the need for more meetings and more volunteers to help. These volunteers do everything from running the registration desk, photography, working with the vendors, speakers and attendees to meet their needs during their time spent with us.

We have a quality group of volunteers.  Some are past executive board members who wish to stay involved but we also like to see new volunteers that, one day, might be interested in executive board positions.  If you think you’d like to help us out at next year’s conference, contact a member of the executive board.


Timothy Cunningham

Timothy Cunningham is a dedicated professional currently holding the position of Lead Telecommunicator and 9-1-1 Coordinator at the Stafford Township Police Department Communications Bureau. Located in Ocean County, New Jersey, Stafford Township’s Communications Center is a multi-agency facility that caters to two local police departments and one EMS agency. Timothy also serves as a BTC 9-1-1, EMD, FCO, & CPR instructor, as well as a Communications program instructor for Bloodgood Law Enforcement Training Academy.

Timothy started his career in 9-1-1 communications in 2012, gaining valuable experience at a county-wide medical communication center. In 2014 His journey continued as a Public Safety Telecommunicator & Training Officer with the Hamilton Township Police Department, until 2017 when he joined the Stafford Township Police Department.

Timothy now plays a pivotal role as the Lead Telecommunicator and 9-1-1 Coordinator, overseeing the operations of the Communications Bureau. His responsibilities include coordinating emergency response systems and ensuring the seamless day-to-day functioning of the center’s operations.

Timothy has actively engaged with the New Jersey Chapter of the National Emergency Number Association (NJ NENA) since 2016. His involvement demonstrates a commitment to the advancement of 9-1-1 services and a dedication to staying abreast of industry developments. With a passion for public safety, Timothy Cunningham brings a wealth of experience and leadership to his role.

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Danny Medina

Danny Medina’s career in public safety began almost 20 years ago, when he first served as a volunteer firefighter and company secretary with the Avenel Fire Company No. 1 in Avenel, NJ. An opportunity arose in 1999 for Danny to work for the State of New Jersey as a Project Manager for Y2K contingency planning. He later was approached in 2000 with another opportunity to continue working for the State within the Office of Emergency Telecommunications Services (OETS). While there, he eventually became a Coordinator of Emergency Telecommunications Systems recertifying 9‑1‑1 emergency medical dispatchers and working closely with over 25 telephone carriers interconnected into the State-wide 9‑1‑1 system.

Danny has been a part of NJ NENA since 2001 and currently volunteers at the Applegarth Volunteer Engine Company No. 1 in Monroe Township, NJ, Middlesex County. He has held the position of President for the past four years and still remains an active firefighter in his community.

Danny Medina

e-mail: danny.medina@oit.state.nj.us

Mike Morgan

mikeMike Morgan is currently a Coordinator – Emergency Telecommunications Systems for OETS. He began his career at the age of 18 as a Cherry Hill Police dispatcher. The following year he began employment at the Camden County Alarm Room as a fire and ambulance dispatcher. Mike was a volunteer EMT with the Ashland Ambulance Squad and an Assistant Chief and Fire Marshal with the Woodcrest Fire Company, in Cherry Hill.

In 1982 he returned to Cherry Hill Police as a police officer. He stayed involved with communications, serving as a communications supervisor and training unit instructor. In 1989 he was transferred to the Services Division to work on the implementation of the 9‑1‑1 network. Mike worked on the rewriting of the Communications General Order and the Comprehensive Radio Needs Assessment. As a lieutenant, and later captain, he was responsible for the installation of a new PSAP with an 800 MHz trunked radio system for the town. He also served as the Emergency Management Coordinator.

Mike retired from the police department in November 2003 and started working for OETS the following week as the State migrated from the Rockwell Network to the Nortel Network. Mike still resides in his Cherry Hill home with Karen, his wife of 30 years, and dog, Bailey Kissangel. His three daughters have left the nest. One is a neuroscientist, one a police officer, and one is studying to be a large animal vet.

Mike served as Chapter President from 2017 – 2019

Mike Morgan

Emergency Telecommunications Systems Coordinator
NJ Office of Emergency Telecommunications Services
P.O. Box 212
Trenton, NJ 08625-0212



Ray Strilec

Ray S.

Ray Strilec, a NENA member since 1996, joined the executive board in 2006.  He was employed at the Morris County Sheriff’s Office, assigned to the Telecommunications Division, where he spent nearly 20 years of his career.  During his tenure, he served as county 9‑1‑1 coordinator, agency TAC and technical specialist.  He was promoted to Detective Lieutenant and served as the Division Commander before he retired from his agency.

Ray also served in the private sector of Public Safety Communications, being employed as a Technical Support Engineer at Eventide, Inc., a manufacturer of Digital Recording Systems for Public Safety, Military and other various industries.

He served NJ NENA as chapter president from 2011-2012, after which, he was appointed chapter secretary and served in that position for several years.  He currently serves on the by-laws and election committees and manages the chapter website and social media.

Raymond Strilec


Diane Tilley

DSC_0171Diane is a professional photographer and has been a volunteer, serving as NJ-NENA’s conference photographer many years. We love her work and you can enjoy it by clicking the Galleries menu.


Diane Tilley


Gareth Williams


Gareth has over 30 years experience in Public Safety. He currently serves as Communications Director for the Union County Police.

Gareth began his career in communications as one of the original dispatchers with the now defunct Atlantic Ambulance CenCom. He eventually was promoted to Communications Coordinator.

Gareth has also been a NJ State Certified Paramedic since 1983, serves as the Union County OEM EMS Coordinator and serves on several state communication and EMS committees.

A member of NENA since 1995, he held the position of Central Region Vice President for 7 years until moving up to 2nd Vice President in 2007 and 1st Vice President in 2011. He served two terms as chapter president in 2012 – 2013 and from 2016 – 2018.

Gareth L. Williams

Union County Police Communications
300 North Avenue East
Westfield, NJ 07090
Phone: (908) 654-9800
E-mail: gwilliams@ucnj.org

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  1. Hi, if you need any help at the conference this year, please let me know. I plan on attending all of the days and will be there either Saturday or Sunday.
    Dee DiTeodoro
    Salem County Sheriff, Communications Division

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