2022-2023 Executive Board

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – Congratulations to the new executive board of New Jersey NENA.  Board members were sworn in on November 16, 2022 by NENA National President, Laurie Anderson, at the NJ-NENA meeting held at the annual conference in Atlantic City.  Election results were announced by past-president Ray Strilec who managed the online election process and were as follows:

Vice-President – Jason Lezcano, ENP – Morris County Communications
Private Sector Vice-President – Wendy Holmes, ENP – Verizon
North Region Vice President – John “Padre” Fencik – Bayonne Public Safety
Central Region Vice President – Mark Dudeck – Ocean County Sheriff’s Communications
South Region Vice-President – Chris Carroll – Burlington County Communications

Dawn Sommeling, Monmouth County Sheriff’s Communications, stepped up as Chapter President and spoke to the membership about her professional journey and her message “to continue to empower the members and the greater 911 community, to provide the best possible emergency response through standards development, training, leadership and outreach.  The vision is a public made safer by 911 services, delivered by highly trained emergency communications professionals and powered by the latest technologies”. 

A change to the chapter by-laws was voted on and approved by the membership that was present at the meeting.  Article VII, section B, states how liabilities and assets of the organization would be handled in the event the chapter were to dissolve.  The change states that these would be handled in accordance with the Federal Tax Code as established by the Internal Revenue Service or as decided by the Superior Court of New Jersey.  The change was necessary for New Jersey NENA to retain its 501c(3) tax-exempt status.  The by-law change will be adopted, pending approval by NENA (National).

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