FCC REPORT: 911 and Enhanced 911 Fees and Charges

The Federal Communications Commission recently released a report on state collection and distribution of 9-1-1 fees.  The State of New Jersey collects a “9-1-1 System and Emergency Response Fee”.  In the FCC report, on page 61, a chart explains that the State of New Jersey collects $122,632,000.00 of which $110,278,000.00 is diverted. That is 89.9 percent of 9-1-1 funds collected.

An excerpt from the report:

“New Jersey reported that it did not divert or transfer any collected funds. However, it reported that it collected a total of $122.6 million in 911 fees and, in accordance with New Jersey statute (P.L.2004, c.48), the total was “deposited into the 911 System and Emergency Response Trust Fund account and applied to offset a portion of the cost of related programs.” According to New Jersey, with respect to 911 specific costs, approximately $13,122,000.00 was applied to “the Statewide 911 Emergency Telephone System” and $900,000 was applied to “the Office of Emergency Telecommunications Service.” New Jersey applied the remainder of $110,278,000.00 to offset costs related to programs within the New Jersey Departments of Law and Public Safety and Military and Veterans’ Affairs.”

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